Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I have my windows cleaned and maintained?

A: Two of the biggest questions that we will occasionally hear from our clients are, “Why should I have my windows cleaned and maintained?” or “Is Window cleaning really a necessity? Is this a service I can put off or don’t really need?”. We have heard it enough times that we now have to almost restrain ourselves from trying to give all the answers in a single breath. Today, though, we want to focus on a couple of reasons, and these are possibly the most important reasons why you should have your windows professionally cleaned and maintained.

We all know windows get dirty over time. You might be saying to yourself, I don’t really care if my windows are dirty; I never look out of them anyway. The longer they stay dirty, the harder they are to clean, and a dirty window increases the likely hood of irreparable damage due to etching of glass, staining of window and door frames along with possible mold, fungus and mildew build up.

Here’s how it happens: All glass is porous. It has tiny holes in it just like a sponge, and when water (from a rain storm, sprinkler, pool cleaner etc.) gets on your windows, the glass will eventually soak up the water and the minerals it contains – just like a sponge would. Now obviously it will take a lot longer for your windows to soak up water than it would a sponge, but once the glass has soaked it up, it’s there to stay. The only way to remove the stains is to either replace the windows or to have them acid washed, both of which are very expensive options.

Still not convinced?

You are still not convinced our professional window cleaning service is a necessity? Or you might feel it’s not as important as a lawn service, maid service, pest control or even your carpet cleaning service, but it’s essential to maintaining your homes windows. Just like mowing your lawn or cleaning your house, your windows need regular maintenance. Having your windows cleaned and maintained is just as important as all the other services we mentioned. They all serve a purpose to maintain and enhance the value of your home. We all know your single largest investment is likely your home. Why not keep your house looking the best it can?

Well, let’s say several years down the road you want to sell your home. A potential buyer comes along and he has an inspector go through your house with a fine-tooth comb. The inspector finds that every window in your house, due to neglect, needs to be replaced or even worse that the exterior of the house needs to be repainted do to the staining on all the door and window frames. This could cost you thousands of dollars.Ouch!

Having your windows professionally cleaned is an investment, not an expense. In the long run it will cost you less — and you will have the added benefit of enjoying clean windows. Here are some of the benefits of having your windows professionally cleaned and maintained in your home.

  • Increase curb appeal
  • Helps with pest control as we sweep down all the cobwebs and clean around the whole window area
  • Extend the life of your homes exterior paint from staining as we thoroughly clean and wipe all window and door frames
  • Helps in the prevention of mold, fungus and mildew build up
  • Keeps windows functioning and performing at optimum efficiency— helps the ‘R-value’ in reducing your monthly heating and cooling cost
  • Allows us to inspect your windows frequently enough to identify potential concerns (broken window seals, chipped glass,hard water spots from the sprinklers, etc.) before they become actual issues.

The good news is that we have many affordable maintenance plans to fit any client’s needs. All of our plans are customized for each individual customer! And the best part of all. All of our maintenance plans make budgeting a cinch! To learn more please visit our maintenance plans page. Maintenance Plans

Q: What is included in your window cleaning service?

A: To start with — we always go that extra mile for our clients! We believe in providing our customers with world class service. We start by cleaning all screens, scrubbing out all tracks, and cleaning all sills and frames. This is part of our standard service. We also understand our customers are spending hard earned money — and we always believe in doing more for the client. We love doing extra such as dusting blinds, cleaning your mirrors, cleaning small light fixtures and dusting all your ceiling fans. We really love to impress our clients. We want our customers to feel comfortable in referring us to their friends. (This is how we built our company) We want our clients to be confident that when they refer us, their friends will receive the same deep level of cleaning service as they did.

Q: What type of precautions do you take when working inside my home?

A: We always use the utmost care when working inside your home. We are very particular and our clients love us for this. We always treat each and every home as if it were our own. We always wear ‘’booties’’ (shoe covers) or remove our shoes. We always bring in drop cloths to protect floors, drapes and all furniture. Oh — did we mention we do not require our customers to do any heavy lifting? We handle moving all furniture or items away from the window area and put them back exactly like they were. We also only use inside ladders that are meant especially for working on the inside of your home. All of our inside ladders and equipment are equipped with rubber bumpers and feet to protect walls and all floor surfaces.

Q: What type of precautions do you take when working around the outside of my home?

A: We always use the utmost care when working around the outside of your home. We are experts at working around delicate situations and use the utmost care when working around shrubs, plants, flowers, sprinkler heads, floodlights etc. We always use the latest up to date equipment. All of our outdoor ladders are equipped with ladder jacks and bumpers to ensure your homes safety and ours.

Q: Will window cleaning damage my tinted windows?

A: This is another question we occasionally hear from our new clients. The answer is simple. “No” We can safely clean your tinted windows as long as it’s been at least 30 days since the new film has been applied.We use only the most up to date equipment and all of our strippers (window scrubbers) are made from microfiber—which will not scratch or harm your windows film. We never use cleaners that contain strong chemicals, especially ammonia or alcohol. Harsh chemicals can react to the tinted window film, causing it to blotch, fade or even peal from the glass.

Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare for my window cleaning?

A: Typically, no. If we are working on the inside of your home we do not require our customers to do any heavy lifting. We handle moving all furniture or items away from the window area and put them back exactly like they were. Two things we do ask is, please ensure that all pets are secure and please make sure any yard gates are unlocked for easy access.

Q: Do you carry insurance?

A: Of course, we start out with providing you peace of mind. We are fully insured so you won’t have to worry about being legally liable in an unlikely event involving injuries or property damage. Beware—many window cleaners do not carry the proper insurance or for that matter any insurance at all. If you hire a window cleaner that’s not properly insured and someone gets hurt or damages your property, guess who pays? You got it. You do!

Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?

A: The frequency you desire is a personal preference but there are factors to consider when making that decision. Are you smokers? Do you live near a busy road? Are homes still being built in your subdivision? Do you live near a pond or lake? Do you get a lot of wind around your home? Do you live around a lot of trees? All these factors will contribute to more dust, dirt, tree pollen and nesting insects collecting on your windows and window frames — which in return will require more frequent care.

Under normal circumstances, after the first inside and outside cleaning, we recommend you have your windows cleaned a minimum of twice a year to help protect your investment and extend the life of your windows.This will allow us to inspect your windows and catch any possible problems before they become emergencies. Many of our clients live around different environments and find they need us to visit more frequently. We have many clients on maintenance plans that prefer every four months, others quarterly and some clients that prefer bi-monthly to monthly. If one of our maintenance plans sounds like the right solution for you please visit our maintenance plans page for additional details. Maintenance Plans

Q: Does rain make my windows dirty?

A: Fact or Fiction — Does rain make my windows dirty? Fiction! —Rain doesn’t make your windows dirty, dirt does. The dust from landscapers, tree pollen, exhaust, and many other airborne sources settles on your windows, and rain drops cause the dirt to move around your windows leaving an obscured view after the rain dries. Fact! —Rain water, which is pure with no suspended minerals or metals, does not “spot” clean windows. Water spotting on windows is usually the result of pure rain water coming into contact with dust and dirt already laying on screens and windows. This dirt comes from landscapers, tree pollen, exhaust and many other sources. Rain drops shape the dirt and dust into various patterns you see on your windows. After the rain water evaporates, these dirty spot patterns remain on the glass. This muddy residue is now very visible.

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